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We are unlike ANY aquarium club in the country, covering not just one area of fish keeping, but ALL. Reefers to freshies, cichlid junkies to guppy gals, planted tank enthusiasts to coral fraggers.  Exchange valuable information, ideas, and opinions on all aspects of aquaria. Browse our forum and make connections with other aquarists.  We are committed to "Bringing all things fish together" and welcome members from anywhere!

We host swap meets, meetings, auctions, Raffles and an annual trade show. 100% of sponsor-donated items are distributed to members.  Everyone benefits!  We just ask you to spread the word. Tell a friend or two, and encourage them to tell others. We want to be THE place to go for advice and discussion (Check out our active forum) on how to succeed in the hobby.  We encourage the newbies and the experienced pros to join us. We welcome any comments and suggestions about our club and website.



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We are now offering a "FREE" SCAA App for those of you using Android Phones, our IT guy is presently looking into a IPhone version.


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C.A.T.S. 2018

After such a successful Show this year we are already discussing and planning the 2018 Annual Carolina Aquatics Trade Show (CATS 2018). We will be involving even more Vendors and hobbyists from up and down the east coast, and beyond, we will be bringing in a wide selection of Freshwater, Marine & Reef and Pond livestock as well as all other aquaria and pond-related equipment, food, additives, and other supplies.

"New Forum"

Our Forums have been Updated to add more functionality, you can now embed YouTube Videos in your posts along with allot of other new stuff! So everyone update your shortcuts/Links to the forum. Of course along with new software comes a few glitches.. For us it's that most of the Avatars were lost in the upgrade, so here is a good chance to update your Info!!

Our Sponsors!

The SCAA is proud to support local pet stores and quality on-line retailers dedicated to educating and encouraging the public on fish keeping. With that in mind, please take a moment to view the sponsor banners above. For links to specific sponsors advertised on our site, please visit the "Sponsorspage.  Businesses interested in becoming part of the SCAA family must meet our standards as a quality location to obtain supplies, species, and advice.



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