Seachem United Pet Group Inc.

Seachem products have been and continue to be based on sound science. They now cover the full spectrum of aquarium requirements in freshwater, seawater, reefs, and ponds.

They include buffers, conditioners, filtration media, medications, and test kits. Most of Seachem's products are totally unique and specific to Seachem.

Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV Sterilizers have been used by public aquariums, importers and hobbyists alike to control bacteria, protozoa and parasites, reducing the spread of fish disease. In a confined environment like an aquarium UV and filtration are essential.

A UV Sterilizer is a proven method to eradicate bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

Rapid LED Aquatic Life

We are a new small Business in Columbia that aims for quality products and services. Keeping our customers happy is our #1 goal! Exotic corals/fish, tank breakdowns/moves/setups, General Care/Maintenance and guidance. Ever want a piece of the coral reef in your home? Give us a call today! Now Shipping!

Aquatic Life manufactures an assortment of aquarium and gardening equipment and supplies; including light fixtures, RO/DI systems, pumps, skimmers and filter media.

Its owners, David Troop and Michael Elliott have been in the aquarium industry and keeping aquariums for over 40 years combined with experience in retail sales, aquarium maintenance, marketing, product development and manufacturing.

Our product debut was in September 2008 at the Super Zoo tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV.

BRS Brightwell

Bulk Reef Supply wants to be the go-to resource for saltwater aquarium supplies and expertise. We stock only the brands and products we, as aquarists, use and trust. If a product does not meet our strict standards, we create it – Reverse Osmosis/Deionization Systems, Aquarium Supplements like Calcium Chloride, Alkalinity and Magnesium, ROX 0.8 Carbon and more.

Dirks carries many different drygoods for many aquarium set upssalt, fresh, reef,  large, small, simple, sophisticated or anything inbetween. While I do bring a LOT of stuff to most shows and swaps, many things are left at home. If you are looking for anyting inparticular please contact me before  and we can go from there. I do drive so in most cases I am on the road 1 1/2 - 3 days before most events. Many in the past are contacting me when I am already in route.


On April 26th, 2011 Viral Surati, Randy Parham and Les Wilson set off for the adventure of a lifetime. The three hardcore fishgeeks set off to create an aquatics company of their own.

Based in the values instilled in them by mentors of company's past and lessons learned from a lifetime of fish keeping, Cobalt Aquatics and it sister brand Cobalt Pond were formed.

Starting with a line of koi food proudly made in the USA and Equipment made in Italy, Cobalt Aquatics will always strive to bring the highest quality products to market.